HP's HP R & D enterprise was finally stranded by Apple

2018-01-12 14:35:27

Beijing time on August 14th, according to foreign media MacRumors reports, people familiar with the matter said that apple and IBM jointly marched into the corporate market, so that competitors felt a huge threat. But before IBM, Apple had also talked to HP to try to develop a "enterprise version Siri" mobile search product.

Siri, a HP R & D company, was finally stranded by Apple (pictures from btnet)

According to the news, Apple has contacted with HP to discuss how to integrate Siri search services in the latter products, so that employees can get financial information, product inventory and other information through their devices. However, IBM's involvement has led to the eventual stranding of a partnership between apple and HP. In fact, in addition to negotiations with apple, HP also talks about the possibility of introducing related technologies to Android devices, such as the launch of enterprise version Google Now.

Although Google has not yet deployed search function in enterprise data and enterprise software, but as apple alliance IBM, the company will rethink the importance of the business market, and enter the field to weaken iPhone's leading position in the business customer market. You know, Android is far less than iOS in the business market, and it's a good choice to cooperate with HP, a company with rich experience.

In July this year, apple and IBM jointly announced that an exclusive partnership has been reached, that is, to transform the enterprise mobile market through a new category of business applications, and introduce IBM's big data and analysis capabilities to Apple Corp's iPhone and iPad.

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